Chobani launched a residency for food tech startups in our ongoing mission to bring better food to more people.

In addition to helping emerging natural food and beverage startups grow, we want to solve challenges along the food and agriculture value chain: from waste reduction to food safety to supply chain traceability and more. We bring tech entrepreneurs to the front lines of food manufacturing to enable them to tap into our operations, supply chain, logistics and quality assurance expertise to build innovative solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges.

The Chobani teams and people were absolutely top notch, and their openness and willingness to engage was unmatched in my experience. It is clear that all the people I interacted with were committed to the excellence of the company and achieving its goals. Everyone at Chobani was very open to considering new technologies and committing to real work to improve Chobani operations and products.
— Steve Yannone, Co-Founder and CEO, CinderBio

How it Works

We partner with early stage food tech and ag tech startups.

We supply an array of programming sessions, factory visits, and mentorship from Chobani experts.

We provide opportunities to pilot tests with Chobani and other food manufacturers.

We offer the chance to pitch for funding.


Challenges We Want to Solve


We live in a time when technology has the power to disrupt every part of our lives, from sensors to blockchain to virtual reality to artificial intelligence. We believe we can build better food tech solutions if we take into account the realities on the ground from the start. As a food maker at the front lines of the food supply chain, we want to open our doors to tech entrepreneurs, innovators and builders to test, iterate and improve these solutions for implementation at scale.


Here are some of the challenges facing our food system we are eager to tackle:

  • How can we make it possible to react to food safety issues in real time, both at the farm and at the plant? Can we reduce the time it takes to get results from key food safety or quality tests?

  • How do we help farmers access better data systems or monitoring tools to advance animal welfare or increase visibility throughout the supply chain?

  • What does the next generation of energy-saving tools to lower carbon footprint look like? How do we clean and sanitize lines and equipment with less water?

  • In what ways can we innovate ingredients, formulations and packaging materials to increase shelf life and reduce food waste?

  • How do we get products directly to consumers more efficiently, in terms of both cost and energy? How do we optimize resources within the last mile, especially for cold chain?

  • How can we correlate all the data we collect for better prediction and analysis?


What We Look For

Ready to learn
Early stage startups eager to iterate and improve their products and services based on Chobani’s input.

Tech skills
Founders with strong technical expertise who would benefit from access to food expertise.

Purpose-driven companies that want to deliver better food to more people.


Meet The Companies




Applications for the Food Tech Residency program are currently closed. We will be announcing our next class of the program at the end of the summer. Click here to subscribe to updates on the program and join our community.

If you have questions about the application or program, please visit our FAQ page. You may also email us at