Creating Essential Goods for the Modern Pantry

This post was written by Melissa Vitelli, Co-Founder of Jar Goods.

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I hate to admit it but Jar Goods’ genesis emerged from a cynical sentiment: frustration.  
Specifically, I was frustrated with the center of the grocery store. Originally intended to offer shortcuts to the home cook, I found the selection in these inner aisles stale and dreary. There are countless brands offering sub-par products - I personally crumble under the weight of too many choices. Who were the people behind these brands and offerings? I wanted real ingredients and delicious food, not chemicals, overly-abundant health claims, or wacky flavors.

Why was there not a single brand I could depend on across various categories? I wanted to stock my pantry to avoid multiple store visits, but the products I found lacked bandwidth and had just one logical application. 

Much of this frustration was occurring while I was living in the Catskill mountains of rural upstate NY. My weekdays were spent in NYC pretending I was fashionable and trendy, while my weekends were spent elbow deep in a pile of manure to feed the vegetable garden. As I got closer to my food, I began thinking about entrepreneurship, self-sufficiency and the need to write my own narrative in life. Jar Goods was born - an inner-aisle disruptor offering “Essential Goods for the Modern Pantry”.  

Our goal is to provide consumers with inspiration and a highly transparent brand. We believe that less is more. Our products are intended to bring simplicity and joy to our customers. We aim to lighten the burden of a crushingly expensive ingredient list and offer a top quality speed scratch meal solution. Eating well should not get in the way of or minimize our many other responsibilities and obligations. If you start with amazing ingredients, it’s not necessary to do much else.

This philosophy has informed everything we do:

  • Our products will always be all-natural, clean label, non-GMO (verified where possible), versatile, and exceptionally delicious.
  • Our glass jars are infinitely recyclable, as opposed to less expensive single use plastic pouches that would likely end up in our landfills or oceans. Their size is 16 ounces rather than the standard 24 or 36 ounce jars that often go half used and result in food waste.
  • We believe in living and eating with mindful purpose, but with respect for the constraints of modern life. Thus we offer nourishing, delicious recipes using our products that simplify meal planning and prep.

Jar Goods journey began with our three exceptional tomato sauces, Classic Red, Classic Spicy, and Classic Vodka, currently available at 700 retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods, Albertsons, Safeway, Vons, Spartan Nash, Stop & Shop, DeCicco’s, Mrs. Green’s, Central Market, and many more.

We are excited for all the work ahead of us as we focus on driving sales of our existing products, reaching and educating our target consumers, expanding our product line, and hiring our first employees. The brilliant minds of Chobani have been pivotal in helping us figure out where we want to go and how to get there. We are forever grateful to the Chobani Food Incubator for lending their seemingly limitless talent, knowledge and insight!

Quote: "I truly had no idea tomato sauce could be that good. We are hooked"

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