Chobani Incubator

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Small Food Startups Can Make A Big Difference


The Chobani Incubator is a program for companies taking on broken food systems to bring better food to more people. In addition to investment, we give startups access to our network and expertise in order to scale up their operations and achieve significant growth.

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How it Works


We look for innovative early stage food and beverage startups.


We provide equity free capital with a $25,000 grant – no strings attached.


We get together regularly for mentorship from Chobani’s leaders in operations, finance, sales, and marketing.


We tap into our extended network of experts, founders, retailers and investors to help your business grow.

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What We Look For


Doing the right thing
Companies creating delicious, nutritious, natural and accessible food.

Products are accessible and affordable to all.

Purpose-driven companies that want to deliver better food to more people.

Ready to go and grow
Founders can attend monthly sessions during the program.

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By the Numbers



Total amount of grants funded


Total capital raised by alumni


Number of mentors engaged


Total full-time jobs added


Companies in portfolio


Average applications received

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In Their Own Words

"We learned so much from the Chobani Incubator about moving into retail. We came in as an online-heavy business and graduated 6 months later with a strong retail plan, 150%+ retail growth, and a Whole Foods national rollout approval. None of this would have happened without Chobani."

—Justin Mares, Kettle & Fire

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"It will shift your entire mind-set about building your organization; you will come away totally inspired and you will always be part of the family. The depth and breadth of their resources are incredible, and the willingness and helpfulness is totally unprecedented."

Nona Lim, Nona Lim

Brian Rudolph, Banza

"When you're growing quickly, it can be hard to slow down and think long term. Working with Chobani has taught us the importance of thinking 2-3 years out in every single aspect of the business, from customer service to product development."

Brian Rudolph, Banza